training pokemon

Training Pokemon

Training a Pokémon consists of battling other Pokémon and gaining experience to make it stronger.  training pokemon

Some good tips to keep in mind while training are:  training pokemon

  • Keep a healer nearby.  These are stations where you can heal your Pokémon, as they cannot battle endlessly and will need a break to rest up.  You can find healers in abandoned Poké Centers, or create them yourself.  If you make one, be sure to place it in a wise location, as you cannot pick it back up again.
  • Different Pokémon have different experience payouts.  Higher leveled Pokémon have higher payouts, and lower levels have lower payouts.  Generally, if a Pokémon has evolved, it also gives out more experience, but if it is a low level, it may still give small amounts.
  • A Pokémon has a maximum level of 100.  If it is level 100, a Pokémon cannot level up any more.  Some Pokémon can be found at higher levels.  These are called bosses, and they cannot be caught.
  • Throughout the world, you can find a Lucky Egg and an Exp. Share.  Both of these items are held and change the way experienced is distributed.  A Lucky Egg increases the experience payout by 50% and an Exp. Share takes half of the experience earned by the current Pokémon and gives it to the Pokémon that is holding the Exp. Share.  training pokemon

When training your Pokémon, it is important to take note of what level your Pokémon is.  If it is:  training pokemon

  • On the weaker end,
    • Your Pokémon may not know any STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves, instead knowing normal type moves that have small power.  Attempt to train against Pokémon that are of the same level or lower to better the training experience.
      • Magikarp at level 14 (since it learns tackle at level 15) or lower is an exception as it only knows Splash, a non-damaging move.
    • There is also the option, if you have stronger Pokémon available, to send out your weaker Pokémon, then immediately switch to your stronger Pokémon.  This will split the gained experience between both Pokémon, but the experience is guaranteed.
  • On the stronger end,
    • Your Pokémon knows STAB moves and can utilize them to consistently knock same leveled and even higher leveled Pokémon out.  Battling boss Pokémon gives substantially higher experience as they are almost always a higher level than your Pokémon.  In addition to giving high experience rewards, they drop valuable rewards such as TMs and held items.
    • It is possible to use your type to your advantage, as most biomes contain similar typed Pokémon.  Oceans and rivers have Water type, extreme hills have Rock and Flying types, etc.  Potentially, you could take a Pokémon of Water type into a desert for a good amount of time without having to heal because of this.
    • Rare candies are not the most efficient way of leveling up Pokémon, as they are somewhat expensive and impossible to craft.  However, if you have a respectable amount of them at your disposal, it is wise to use them at the higher spectrum of levels, as leveling through the 90s can be quite tedious.

If you are playing on a multiplayer server, it is possible to gain experience from battling other players.  This can be streamlined by having your opponent only using status moves or moves that don’t affect you, or even just switching indefinitely until they have all fainted.  The Pokémon with the highest experience gain is Blissey, which also happens to have the highest HP stat of any Pokémon.  To maximize the training, have one friend to have one or multiple Blisseys and battle until your Pokémon is at your preferred level.  training pokemon

There are underlying traits that Pokémon have that are also affected by training.  These traits are called EVs.  EVs and their mechanics can be found here.

 training pokemon


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