special pokemon

Special Pokemon

There are several different types of special Pokémon  that you can obtain in Pixelmon. Raging from basic fossil Pokémon to legendary Pokémon.special pokemon


Fossil Pokémon

Some Pokémon were stuck in rock for millions of years.  They have since turned into Fossils, which you can revive and use as Pokémon for battling. Once you have a Fossil, you must clean it with a Fossil Cleaner.  After cleaning it, it needs to be put into a Fossil Machine, where the Pokémon will be revived and made ready to use in battle.  Once the revival process has been completed, you may insert any Poké ball into the machine to retrieve your new Pokémon.special pokemon
To find a Fossil, you must first either dig a hole in the ground or explore a cave until you’ve found natural gravel.  You can also travel to the bottom of the ocean, where there is a lot of gravel to explore.  If you dig around this gravel, there may be a Fossil for you to collect and eventually turn into a Fossil.  Fossils are quite rare to find, making it a bit difficult to acquire them, but they aren’t as rare as shiny Pokémon.special pokemon


Fossil List

Helix Fossil yields Omanytespecial pokemon
Dome Fossil yields Kabuto
Old Amber yields Aerodactyl
Root Fossil yields Lileep*
Claw Fossil yields Anorith
Skull Fossil yields Cranidos
Armor Fossil yields Shieldon
Cover Fossil yields Tirtouga
Plume Fossil yields Archen

*Lileep is not in game yet.special pokemon


Shiny Pokémon

If by some chance you are walking along and you spot a Pokémon that looks odd or has a particle effect as it walks around, you’ve found a shiny Pokémon.  A shiny Pokémon is only distinguished by its color differing from the original Pokémon’s coloring.  These shiny Pokémon are highly valued as they are absurdly rare to find in the wild.  In battle, a Pokémon being shiny gives no advantages, but there is a particle effect surrounding it throughout battle.  In the wild, shiny Pokémon will not battle other Pokémon, thus removing the risk of a wild Pokémon robbing you of your shiny.special pokemon


Boss Pokémon

Similar to shiny Pokémon as they are rare, but substantially different, are boss Pokémon.  Boss Pokémon are not as rare as shiny Pokémon, and cannot be captured.  When battled, they are higher levels than other Pokémon that spawn near them, and drop items such as held items, TMs, and evolution stones.  Boss Pokémon are different from shiny Pokémon because they are only tinted one of four colors: Red, yellow, green, and blue.  Each boss Pokémon’s nametag is colored respectively and does not have a level next to it.  Boss Pokémon will be between five to forty levels higher than your highest Pokémon, depending on its color.  If the boss is green, it will be five higher.  If the boss is blue, it will be 10 higher.  If the boss is red, it will be 20 higher, and if the boss is yellow, it will be 40 higher.  The higher the level gap, the rarer the boss.  The rarer the boss, the rarer the item drops.special pokemon


Legendary Pokémon

Some Pokémon are highly rare and have naturally high stats.  These Pokémon are called Legendary Pokémon.  They also spawn in at higher levels than normal Pokémon and have lower catch rates.

Legendary List

Mewtwospecial pokemon

When a Legendary Pokémon spawns, a message will appear in chat saying which biome it has spawned in.  Legendary birds, such as Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos spawn via orbs.  To acquire an orb, it must be paired with corresponding stones (fire for Moltres, thunder for Zapdos, and water for Articuno) and then filled by knocking out 375 Pokémon.  The full orb must then be taken to each respective shrine, found in specific biomes, as listed below.

Legendary Spawns

Articuno: Ice Plains, Ice Plains Spikes, Ice Mountains, Cold Taiga (Frozen Shrine)
Zapdos: Savanna Plateau, Savanna M, Savanna Plateau M (Static Shrine)special pokemon
Moltres: Mesa Plateau, Mesa Plateau F, Mesa Plateau M, Mesa Plateau F M (Fiery Shrine)
Mewtwo: Cloning Machine
Mew: Jungle Hills/Jungle M (Day)
Raikou: Savanna (Dawn/Dusk)
Entei: Extreme Hills M (Day)
Suicune: Beach (Night)
Lugia: Deep Ocean (Night)
Celebi: Flower Forest
Kyogre: Deep Ocean (Night)
Groudon: Desert Hills (Day)special pokemon
Rayquaza: Sunflower Plains (Dawn/Dusk)


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