poke balls

Poke balls

Poké balls are what players use to catch Pokémon.  They can be used only for capturing wild Pokémon however, as other trainer’s Pokémon or boss Pokémon are off limits.poke balls

If a player wishes to use a Poké ball outside of battle, they must hold it in their hand and throw it while aiming at a Pokémon. If the ball misses, it either drops as the ball, or breaks into the items of which it was made (Lid, button, base).  If the Poké ball lands on the Pokémon, it will either be caught and sent to your party/PC, or it will despawn because it failed, and you won’t be able to catch that specific Pokémon again.poke balls

There are a great many different kinds of Poké balls to make and find in Pixelmon.  Each have their own catch rate, and some have special traits that make them more valuable than others.poke balls


Poké ball List

Cherish Ball: 1x catch rate
Dive Ball: 3.5x catch rate if the target is in water
Dusk Ball: 3.5x catch rate if it is darkpoke balls
Fast Ball: 4x catch rate if the target has a speed stat of 100 or higher
Friend Ball: Sets a captured target’s happiness stat to 200
Great Ball: 1.5x catch rate
GS Ball: 1x catch rate
Heal Ball: Restores HP and clears statuses of caught target
Heavy Ball: If the target is heavy, catch rate grows
Level Ball: The lower the target’s level is compared to the player’s Pokémon, the higher the catch rate
Love Ball: 8x catch rate if the target is the opposite gender and the same species
Lure Ball*: 3x catch rate on targets found while fishing
Luxury Ball: Caught Pokémon gain more happiness
Master Ball: Catches the target unfailingly
Moon Ball: 4x catch rate if the target evolves or has evolved using a Moon Stone
Nest Ball: If the target is a lower leveled Pokémon, the catch rate is increased
Net Ball: 3x catch rate on targets of the Bug and Water type
Park Ball: Catches the target unfailingly
Poké Ball: 1x catch rate
Premier Ball: Red particles appear when caught Pokémon are sent out
Quick Ball: 5x catch rate if used within the first turnpoke balls
Repeat Ball*: 3x catch rate if the player already owns one of the same species
Safari Ball: 1.5x catch rate if the target is in a Plains Biome
Sport Ball: 1.5 x catch rate if the target is a Bug typepoke balls
Timer Ball: Catch rate increases the longer the battle goes
Ultra Ball: 2x catch rate

*Lure Balls and Repeat Balls are not fully incorporated into the mod.  They are effectively re-skinned Poké Balls.


Crafting Poké balls

To craft a Poké Ball of any sort, there are a few things necessary to do so.  You will need an anvil that was introduced with the Pixelmon mod, not the Minecraft anvil.  You will need a hammer of any kind.  You will need a furnace.  You will need a crafting table.  All Poké Balls are made with Apricorns.  These are plants that can be found in the wild and, when cooked in a furnace, can make the capturing tool of Pixelmon.  All Poké Balls are different in their own way, but very similar to the basic crafting of a common Poké Ball.  The steps to create a Poké Ball are as follows:

  1. Smelt 3 apricorns that when combined will create your chosen Poké Ball poke balls
  2. In a crafting table, have the smelted apricorns in a row to create Poké Ball discs.
  3. Place these discs on the Pixelmon anvil, and left click and hold with the hammer on the anvil. Keep doing so until the disc looks to be a complete hemisphere, then right click to take your newly formed lid.poke balls
  4. Place either 3 iron or 3 aluminum in a row, in similar fashion which you did the disc, and craft iron/aluminum discs.poke balls
  5. Proceed in the same methods as step 3, substituting the iron/aluminum bases.
  6. Craft a stone button.
  7. Configure the lid, the base, and the button in a crafting table so that the lid is on top, the button is in the middle, and the base is on the bottom, and your Poké Ball should be created.

Some Poké Balls cannot be crafted, and these are Master Balls, GS Balls, Cherish Balls, and Park Balls.poke balls

You can find Poké Balls in other places, if you find it difficult to craft them.  You can find them if one of your Pokémon has the ability Pickup, you can find them in Pokéloots, and you can find them in drops from boss Pokémon.


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