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How to install pixelmon | Technic launcher

You are probably wondering how to install pixelmon. Well wonder no more because following guide will show you exactly that, so just follow tutorial under.

How to install & play pixelmon:

First you need to download Technic launcher and follow the images bellow.

Technic launcher for WindowsOSX / Linux

1. Enter your username / email  (MINECRAFT ACCOUNT)

2. Enter your password

3. Press “Login

Steps 1-3

4. Select “Modpacks” section at the top

5. Click on the search window

6. Select “Pixelmon_Pack

7. Click “Install” In the bottom right corner

Steps 4-7

8. Once it is installed click “Play

Steps 8

9. When the game loads select “Multiplayer


Steps 9

10. Connect to our server.

 Server IP is “ (without the “”)

Steps 10

Thats it, if you have any troubles at any step of the tutorial please contact us either under at comments or by using our contact form HERE



  1. on the first step it doesn’t even say I typed it in right when I check and it says I did and it doesn’t even works and its probably the most annoying thing ever and doesn’t even work so I don’t know this is pretty dumb

  2. I did this installation the other day and it worked fine and i played immediately for a good while, but when i tried to get on today, it wouldn’t let me launch this. i can download the file and select run, but nothing happens. Minecraft isn’t working either, not sure if the 2 are related or if there is anything wrong with the installation in general. If anyone knows anything about this plz let me know. ty

    1. cause I could use the knowledge right now
      also I don’t want to know how to craft it because I’m not looking at that version of pixelmon

  3. I hit play and after a few seconds it returned back to the launcher. Almost ever modpack I have tried has done this. Why do I have this problem?

    1. it is a wierd glitch or your coputer is not as new as it wants it to be
      but I have just logged out then logged back in and closed it fully then done it and it works

  4. guys you can also on technic launcher you can also download pokeMMO and play the server! i know because i have technic launcher and pokeMMO!

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