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How to install pixelmon | Minecraft launcher

How to install pixelmon

You are probably wondering how to install and play pixelmon. Well wonder no more because following guide will show you exactly that, so just follow tutorial under.

First download minecraft launcher from the link bellow.

Minecraft for Windows  /  Mac  /  Linux

1. Start Minecraft Launcher


2. Let it download all the files that it needs and then close the launcher


3. Download and install Forge


4. Start minecraft launcher and login to your minecraft account


5. Select “Edit Profile


6. Open the drop down menu for “Use version:

7. Scroll all the way to the bottom

8. Find “1.7.10-Forge” and select it

9. Click “Open Game Dir


10. Create a New Folder in the folder that just opened up


11. Rename the folder to “mods


12. Download Pixelmon mod and place it in mods folder

13. Close the mods folder


14. Click “Save Profile


15. Click “Play


16. Select “Multiplayer


17. Click “Add Server


18. Enter Server Address “

19. Click “Done


20. Click “Join Server” to join our awesome community!

how to install pixelmon

Thats it, if you have any troubles at any step of the tutorial please contact us either under at comments or by using our contact form HERE



  1. I have Windows 10 and it isnt working. So im using 1.8.9 and 4.2.7, but in the folder, my pixelmon mod has an E next to it like the internet explorer E. But yours has the forge symbol next to this im not sure if this is the problem or not, but when i try to load minecraft, I get a black screen and soon it will say not responding. I can send you a the game output is necessary. Thanks in advance.

  2. I need help….. No idea how to install all this for my son on his PC. When I try to follow your very well done guide for How to install Pixelmon, I can’t find out how to install the Forge. When I try the following pops up “how do you want to open this jar file?”
    My sons PC is a windows based PC. Do I need another program to get on with the installation of Forge – and the rest of Pixelmon?
    Thanks for helping a desperate Mom 🙂

    1. You need to get onto the forge website first, all of this will work but I don’t know the exact version of your computer too tell.


      Next you hover over 1.8 and then click 1.8.9, the page should reset then you click download latest – installer win. (if your another person spying on this and following this using a mac then click installer instead on installer win)

      Then it’ll take you too a page where adds try to trick you WHATEVER YOU SEE IS NOT REAL, IT’S AN ADVERT!!!!

      I was so panicked because the advert different for everybody else but for me it says download new flash player and I actually tried then realised (just in time) when I moved the minimized window the message moved with it >.<

      You need to click skip at the top of the page and the download should start :3

      From then just open it when it's done and the rest is pretty self explanatory.

      If you need further help your best bet is to just search on youtube "How to download minecraft forge for windows 1.8.9"

      Good luck 😀

  3. Hello,

    I followed all your steps and it is still saying i am on 1.7.10 while it’s running on 1.10.2

    What do i do wrong

  4. whenever i try to play it says that pixelmon requires minecraft 1.8.9 so I do it but it doesn’t have the mod on please help

  5. It isn’t working for me at all. I load up the game it comes to the menu but then i choose single player and create a new world and then it loads for about 1 minute and then a white screen comes up with a crafting table in the middle please help me.
    Because i really want to play pixelmon!

  6. This doesn’t work your skipping a step when you go to the folder you say when the folder pops up open a new folder. No folder pops up and you give no directions on how to get the folder needed to put pixelmon in this walkthrough is awful

  7. it loads up my pixelmon map but doesnt let me go anywhere i havedone everything and thuroughly checked it allany help is appreciated

  8. For me it always goes to 4/7 on the progress and then it crashes, I’ve tried fixing it for a while and can’t figure it out, and reason why it would do that?

  9. I have “downloaded” Forge but whenever I open it just some thing comes up that is just worthless and when I click open folder I cut it then put it in the “Mods” folder and opened up Minecraft but there was no Forge 1.7.10 or anything so I took it out and just put it in the Minecraft folder without putting it into the mods folder that was in Minecraft and still there was no Forge 1.7.10

  10. I followed all the steps and everything worked right up to the last step. But here is the problem – “Join Server” is grayed out.

    The screen is also showing this:
    Minecraft server is showing 5 green bars and 202/1000
    Pixelmon Un-Linked 3.5.1 is green with a green check mark to the right
    Pixelmon 5.0.0 Open Beta !
    “Scanning for games on your local network”


  11. why i can’t play that??? i downloaded those thing and joined to that but then i can’t join on servers 1-5 or even beta

  12. Hi. This tutorial is great, by the way. I am also having trouble downloading this for my son. So, after step 12, after downloading and trying to open the download, I get an error message that says, “The Java JAR File “Pixelmon-1.0.2-5.0.0-beta9-universal-2.jar” could not be launched. Check the Console for possible error messages.”
    Where in the world do I look for the Console for possible error messages??
    Thank you!!!

  13. Going back to my last post-
    So I continued onto the following steps, however referring to Step #20, the Join Server button is not highlighted :-/ HELP, PLEASE!!!

  14. Geez- so I finally accomplished all steps above (my 8 year old was able to get the Join Server button highlighted (duh!!) and when we click it, it says, “This server requires FML/Forge to be installed. Contact your server admin for more details.” AAAAHHHH!!!!!

  15. Need help pls.

    I made it to the hub. 4 waterfall windows and Im at the top of the pyramid. I cant go through any of the portals and have no permissions to speak to ask for help. I clicked the compass and chose server 1. Then I walked into the various waterfalls and nothing happened.
    What am I missing?

    Thank you for the help.

  16. All is good until end when I am trying to connect to “Minecraft Server.” It is scanning for games on [your] local network. I get red text “Can’t connect to server”

  17. please help I keep crashing when I try to go into the server or a world or anything
    my friend says that is says I joined the server right before I crash

  18. The “Join Server” button is not enabled at step 20. Hence I cannot click it.
    I am stuck!

    What have I done wrong?
    Using Windows 10.

    Any guidance/help is appreciated.

  19. So i was playing on pixelmon and poof some1 raided my base (idk his name it’s like 6 month back) i bought dominator and keys on my account (JustKayEvv at that moment) and i fucking flipped on him bc he raided my base i said i would ddos him but i can not do that but i did it only to let him stop and than he reported and i get backstabbed by my ‘friend’ addyg so what i want is my 60 euro’s from dominator back or be unbanned (i bought unban so i think you have to unban me!) my ip ban is gone so

  20. Hello

    After following the directions above, I get the error message “The java jar file “pixelmon- 1.7.10-3.5.1- universal.jar” could not be launched. Check console…”
    I see this message talked about online many times but find no solution.
    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance

  21. This is good advice and I am literally about to try it out, but wait how do you get minecraft forge???
    That’s what confusing me….

  22. It doesnt work, the guide you guys got is awesome.
    But when I enter the world I get stuck, I cant chose which world.

    All I get is an error message complaining on that forge is not installed (which it is, same forge you have linked in the guide)

    I have completly re-installed minecraft and cleared all the cache from Java, Just to make sure the entire thing is gone (yes i cleaned out %appdata%) but the same issue persists.

    What this guide need is a troubleshooting link, on issues that normally occur, with solutions of course.

    Now, can someone please explain to me why this is not working.

  23. when I download the pixelmon mod nothing shows up at my folders… I have nothing to put into my mods folder

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