EVs and IVs

Guide to Ev’s and Iv’s

1)  What are Ev’s (Effort Values)

Ev’s are stats that your Pokemon receives from fighting other Pokemon. Each Pokemon gives you different Ev’s and different amounts of Ev’s depending on their stage of evolution. For example Nidoran give 1 Ev in Hp. Where as Nidoqueen the third stage evolution gives 3 points into Hp. Ev’s are attributes that give bonuses to your Pokemon’s Stats.

2) Ev-enhancing items.

EV-enhancing items are items which increase the number of Ev’s your pokemon receives from battling and beating other Pokemon. But they half you Pokemon’s speed while holding the item. Each item gives you an extra 4 Ev points per kill in their specific area Shown below. These items are found in boss drops and loot crates all around the map.


3) Maximum Values

Each Pokemon can have a maximum of 510 Effort points. But only 255 in each stat. For each 4 evs you gain one base stat. Meaning you gain the most stats for splitting your Effort points into 252-252-4. This means for every Ev you invest you will gain a stat apart from the remaining 2 points you are left with.

4) Ev Vitamins

Not only can you receive Ev’s from defeating Pokemon but you can collect Vitamins dropped by bosses and also in Poke loot across the map. Each Vitamin gives you 10 of its specific Ev.


5) Ev-Reducing Berries.

EV-reducing Berries will reduce Effort Points By 10 points for their specific Stat. These are useful for Ev training as you may accidentally train too much in 1 stat and need it reducing. They are dropped by bosses and are found in poke loot across the map.


1)  What are Iv’s

Iv’s are a group of 6 stats. 1 per Battle stat. They each reach 31 as their max and along with Ev’s they affect the over all stats of the Pokemon.

2) How can you increase Iv’s

There is only one real way of increasing your Iv’s as they are randomly generated for wild Pokemon. By using specific items such as the destiny knot and the Ev-Enhancing items you can pass Iv’s down to the Pokemon’s offspring. This will allow you to make the best possible Pokemon and gain the highest possible stats.


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