There are many rocks that can be located in Pixelmon which contain the genetic code (aka DNA) for Pokemon from many ages ago! These can be used to generate life from the DNA into certain Pokemon.

To do this, several steps need to be taken first.

-The fossil needs to be obtained first. These can be taken from Fossil Blocks in Gravel Piles. Mining the block will drop a Covered Fossil.
-A Covered Fossil can then be placed inside a Fossil Cleaner to clean, this will give out a Cleaned Fossil.
-Once a Cleaned Fossil is then placed into a Fossil Machine, the resurrecting process begins, this might take awhile.
-After the process is completed, a Poke Ball needs to be inserted inside the Fossil to claim the Pokemon. The Pokemon will be at level 1 as if it were a new-born.

Fossil Types

rmor Fossil – Shieldon
Claw Fossil – Anortih
Cover Fossil – Tirtouga
Dome Fossil – Kabuto
Helix Fossil – Omanyte
Old Amber – Aerodactyl
Plume Fossil – Archen
Root Fossil – Lileep
Skull Fossil – Cranidos


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