Claims Help

Claims Help

Claiming your land is important. If you don’t claim your stuff other players can build, destroy or raid your items. Make sure to always claim before you begin building.

Helpful Items

With a stick, you can check if the land you want to claim is already claimed. Right click it on land to see if it’s free to claim.

The golden shovel is the tool which you will use to claim your land. You can get a new golden shovel with /kit starter. When you switch to the golden shovel you will see your available claim blocks.


How to Claim

With a stick in your hand right click the ground to check if the area is already claimed. If it is claimed you may check with staff to see how long the player has been offline. Claims can be removed after 30 days of inactivity.


With a golden shovel in your hand, right click the first corner you wish to claim. Diamond block will appear. The center is the block you claimed. See example.


Without switching from the golden shovel move diagonally to the opposite corner of the area you wish to claim. Right click again with the golden shovel to create your claim. At this point a gold block with two glow stone will appear. This show the corner and edges of your claim. See example. The minimum area you can claim is 10×10.



You can resize your claim by using a golden shovel and right clicking on the corner of your claim. Then without switching from your shovel, right clicking a new spot.






Removing Claims

To remove a claim, stand inside the area and enter /abandonclaim. If you are outside you can do /abandonallclaims to remove all the claims that you have set.


Trusting on Claims

You can give other players access to your claim by doing /trust (playername) inside a claim, which gives them right to that claim. You can use /trust (name) outside of your claim to allow that player access to all of your claims. Players with trust perms can build, destroy or open chests. You can use /containertrust (name) the same way. This will limit players to being able to use buttons and open chests, but they cannot build or break blocks.


Home Sets

Once you have claied an area it’s a good idea to do /sethome (name) so that you can return to this area. Do /home (homename) to return to that home. All players get one /sethome. Godlike get two, Uber get three and if you donate for Immortal you get five. If you change your Minecraft name your /sethomes will be lost but the claims will remain. Talk to a Senior-mod or higher to help track down your claim.


Subdivide Claims

While holding a golden shovel enter /subdivideclaims. This will set your shovel to sub division mod. You can now create claims inside of your main claim so that you can set trusts for different players in different areas. Subdivisions appear as iron block and can bee seen with a stick.




Ask Staff

Still need help? Make sure that you have read all the info in this room. If you need more help please use /helpop to contact staff for additional assistance.


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