Catching Pixelmon

In order to catch a Pokémon, you need Poké Balls.  These will allow you to keep the Pokémon you catch and throw them out and battle other Pokémon.  You will also need your own Pokémon, though not always, and this will be covered near the end.  catching pixelmon


Once you are ready to go on a journey and catch your Pokémon, you’ll need to find out what Pokémon you want to catch.  After you’ve figured that out, you will need to find out which biome it appears in.  After you’ve found the biome and the Pokémon, wait until it is the time of day in which the Pokémon you want spawns in.  Remember that some Pokémon cannot be found in the wild at all, and are acquired by other means.  For example, Fossil Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon, and Porygon are different than most others, and can’t be caught as easily.  Another point to keep handy is you cannot capture another Trainer’s Pokémon or boss Pokémon.catching pixelmon


When you are attempting to catch a Pokémon, it is best advised if you battle it and weaken it before throwing a Poké Ball at it.  Attack your target with moves that you know will not knock it out, as you cannot catch a KO’d Pokémon.  Using moves that have the chance to inflict status moves such as paralysis and sleep can also increase your chance of catching the Pokémon.  There are many different types of Poké Balls as well, and these, depending on which one(s) you use, can also impact your success when it comes to catching Pokémon.  As soon as you believe your target has been weakened enough to attempt catching, go into your bag and select the Poké Ball that you wish to use.  If the battle ends and there is a message in the chat saying that a Pokémon was caught, you have accomplished your goal.  However, the Poké Ball could fail, in which case the battle will go on and you can either choose to throw another Ball or weaken it further.catching pixelmon


Another strategy for catching Pokémon is to just hold a Poké Ball in your hand and throw it at a Pokémon.  This will save your own Pokémon from being harmed, but it brings with it other risks.  The Poké Ball you threw could miss and break into its components, it could just miss and drop as itself, or it could make contact with your target, but it doesn’t catch it, and the Poké Ball and Pokémon disappears.catching pixelmon


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