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Pixelmon Un-Linked Bugs and Fixes

Pixelmon 3.5.1 for Server 3 and 4

  1. The Pokemon I tried to catch despawned after I threw a poke ball at it! When throwing a poke ball at a Pokemon and the Pokemon is not caught, it will despawn. The best way to solve this bug is to enter a battle with the Pokemon, then attempt to capture it.
  2. My game is stuck on the waiting screen!If you’re in battle and then your battle screen is stuck on the “waiting…” screen, simply do /suicide to exit battle
  3. My game says that I’m stuck in battle but I’m not in battle! – If you can’t heal your Pokemon, or do anything interactive with your Pokemon because it seems to be that “your Pokemon are still in battle”, while outside of battle, a simple relog will fix this
  4. My Pokemon aren’t challenging other Pokemon, the battle screen pops up and then disappears saying that the other player or I have denied the battleSimply relog, it’s best if you and the other player relog.
  5. My Pokemon are stuck in my ranch block and I have destroyed my ranch block!Visit /warp enchant, to your sides there will be two pressure plates, one on the left and one on the right. Step on the one that says “Unlock Pokemon” and your Pokemon will be freed!
  6. My running boots are duplicating and filling up my inventory and falling at the ground around me but only I can see this!The easiest way to combat this bug is to find the original running boots and destroy them. If you can’t do this, either get a staff member to do it or wait until the server restart.

Pixelmon 1.10.2 for Server 1, 2 and 5

  1. My egg isn’t hatching, no matter how many steps I take! How do I fix this?
    First, do /auction put pixelmon 1 1 1 (slot number), as this will show you what the egg is and it’s IVs etc. Take a screenshot of this information, just in case we need to refund you. From there, log out of the server, and back in. Now, try hatch your egg. If it still won’t hatch after about 5 minutes, contact a Head Moderator with the screenshot you took of the egg, and they will refund you the Pokemon.
  2. Help, I’m stuck in a battle! What do I do?
    If you do /suicide it should end your battle and take you back to spawn. Sometimes though, you’ll find the screen stays black- at this point, log out of the server and back in again. You may also ask a Head Moderator (if one is online) to do /endbattle on your player, which should forcibly end your current encounter. Should you find you’re still stuck, even after all the above steps, a Senior Moderator may /kick you from the server, which should resolve the issue.
  3.  I’ve RTP’d into an admin claim and can’t get out! Help!
    A Senior Moderator can /tphere you to spawn, if you find /suicide doesn’t work. If you are also above ground, you may try to run out of the admin claim far enough to do /rtp again or /spawn.
  4. My Pokemon has vanished/changed into another Pokemon!
    Do /ivs slot number or check the moves of your Pokemon to see if the glitched Pokemon has the original Pokemon moves and take a screenshot of what it’s showing. Contact a Head Moderator and they may be able to refund your Pokemon, if you provide ample proof that the Pokemon you lost was on Un-linked and of what the Pokemon used to be. (Also when taking the screenshot, make sure its not heavily cropped. Showing the full screen is advised)
  5. My Pokemon is stuck in my ranch block!
    Check the breeding shop at spawn (Command: /breedshop ) – you’ll find there’s an elevator block in the middle of the room, Press shift and it takes you to a room with a button. Push it, and it’ll unlock your Pokemon. To get back out, Press space on the middle elevator blocks.Special Thanks to

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