Pixelmon Breeding

How to breed pixelmon

Can’t seem to figure out how to breed pixelmon? This tutorial is here just for that! Check it out

and become a pro at pixelmon breeding!

1) Craft A Ranch Block.

See the recipe bellow to craft the ranch


2) Breeding environments.

Each Pokemon is suited to certain blocks. These blocks will need to be placed in a 9×9 block radius around the ranch block. This will make the Pokemon feel “comfortable” and will encourage it to breed faster depending on how comfortable it is. Each type has its own preferred blocks which give a certain number of points.


































breeding pixelmon

The more points you have in the 9×9 radius the more comfortable your pokemon feels.

3) Breeding egg groups.

Each Pokemon is grouped up in a Egg Group. A Pokemon can only breed with another Pokemon if they share the same Egg Group. See a list below of all the Egg Groups.

  • Plant
  • Flying
  • Bug
  • Mineral
  • Ground
  • Water 1
  • Water 2
  • Water 3
  • Monster
  • Fairy
  • Dragon
  • Human like
  • Indeterminate

There is one last Egg group which consists of Pokemon that cannot breed under any circumstance.

4) Breeding for Iv’s

Each Pokemon has a set of Iv’s which make up its base stats. You can breed Iv’s from Pokemon to Pokemon through using various items.

Each power item

  • Power weight (Hp)
  • Power bracer (Atk)
  • Power belt (Def)
  • Power lens (satk)
  • Power band (sdef)
  • Power anklet (spd)

Each power item makes sure that the egg will have the same IV that its parent had in their stat. For example. Your Pokemon has 27 Spd Iv. Place the power anklet on your Pokemon then breed it. The egg will also have 27 Spd

One more Item ensures that you eggs will have the parents IVs. The Destiny knot. This item will take both parents ivs and pass on 5 out of the 12 to the egg. For example. Both parents have 31 ivs in spd,atk,hp and def. The destiny knot will give you an increased chance at breeding an egg with the same perfect Ivs.

5) Breeding with incense.

Incense are held items that when used during breeding allow you to hatch baby Pokemon. These Baby Pokemon are useful as they can often learn egg moves that their evolved forms cannot. For example, Azurill can learn Fake Tears through breeding while Marill cannot, and Marill can learn Aqua Jet through breeding while Azurill cannot.

6) Egg moves

 Many Pokemon can learn moves through breeding that they otherwise cant. Such as Azurill with Fake Tears. These moves have to be passed down from a different Pokemon that can learn the move. Take a male Pokemon with the move you want. Then breed it with the female Pokemon you want to have the move on. Only Male Pokemon pass down moves. Sableye can learn Recover as an Egg move but cannot learn it any other way. Take a male pokemon with Recover (Alakazam) then breed it with a Female Sableye. You egg will then be a Sableye and will have Recover.

7) Pokemon Breeding stages

When breeding Pokemon they go through 5 stages. These stages will go faster depending on the affection the Pokemon feel towards each other. You can see the stages as hearts above the Pokemon. Each stage is a different coloured Heart.

7) Hour glasses

Isi’s golden hourglass is a single-use item that can be used on a ranch block to cause all Pokémon that are currently engaged in the breeding process to advance one stage of affection. It will not affect Pokémon that are unsatisfied with their environment. It can be obtained as a tier 2 special drop.

Isi’s silver hourglass is a single-use item that advances a breeding Pokémon’s breeding stage by one stage. It doesn’t work if the Pokémon is not satisfied with its environment. It can be obtained as a tier 1 special drop.

8) Important information.

  • The Egg will Always be the same Pokemon as the mother.
  • The Egg will take its moves from the farther
  • Females pass on their ability 80% of the time to the Egg. Males pass it on 20% of the time.
  • You can breed up to 6 Pokemon in 1 Ranch block
  • You can breed 2 Dittos to receive a random Pokemon egg.



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